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Model NV20 SBCS StaticBond Static Charging Power Supply
This static charging system offers a safe, efficient means of depositing electrostatic charges on non-conductive materials such as plastic films and lightweight papers. Its features include:

  • Flexibility that allows the user to adjust to changing process conditions by adjusting voltage output instead of moving the charging bar

  • Uniform charging that applies charge evenly across a surface, eliminating striping

  • Built-in safety and overload protection

  • Selectable digital voltage and current readout

  • Allows for spot charging

  • Precise adjustment for maximum control of the voltage delivered

  • Different configurations of charging applications available

Model #: NV20 SBCS  

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Model SBSCS StaticBond Spot Charging System
This spot charger features an extremely efficient, small, replaceable Brush Electrode designed for convenient, cost-effective static control. Its features include:

  • Simple design consisting of three basic parts - multi-purpose ionizing electrode, male/female high voltage cable connector and high voltage power supply

  • Easy removal of electrode for cleaning should contamination occur

  • System does not include power controller

Model #: SBSCS

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Model SBCB StaticBond Charging Bar
Available in lengths from 6" to 120" overall. Please contact the factory or your area rep for pricing.

Model #: SBCB

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