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At Julie, we've been providing StaticSmart Solutions to clients nationwide since 1973. We capitalize upon this wealth of experience to service our customers in a variety of ways. Whatever their needs, our comprehensive approach to controlling static translates into a much lower total cost of ownership solution for them.

Electronics Applications
For our customers with electrostatic discharge problems, our approach involves developing and implementing a Total Protection Program for their facilities and personnel. We consult with them and familiarize them with their best options for addressing their specific static control requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our recommendations will include our complete line of state-of-the-art walking surfaces like ESD carpet, rubber, vinyl and polymeric flooring, personnel grounding devices, ergonomically correct ESD chairs and a host of other facility-oriented products. For a summary of these product offerings, please click here: Electronics.

Industrial Applications
For some customers, we provide our line of StaticSmart industrial products including static bars, power supplies, ionizers and WebVacs that we manufacture ourselves. These exceptional products address a host of common process problems including mis-feeds, poor lamination, jogging and stacking problems, shock to operators, jammed injection molds, particle contamination, fires and explosions. For a listing of these product offerings, simply click here: Industrial.


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