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StaticSmart™ Total Protection Program

The unwanted presence of ESD in your workplace can result in failed audits, product damage, even loss of business. And whether you're trying to avoid one of these problems or simply looking to install a more attractive, higher quality surface to impress visitors to your site, the flooring in your workplace setting is an excellent place to begin the process of creating a static-protected environment in which to work.

ESD Flooring' low maintenance floors provide superior ESD protection by forming a continuous ground plane throughout your entire facility. Whether it's simple electronic assembly, messy solder paste stations or a steady hum of moving forklifts, ESD Flooring has an ESD floor system for every work area. By matching different complimentary floor systems to different areas, ESD Flooring offers you a comprehensive approach that helps you select the flooring option that best addresses your specific maintenance, appearance, installation and cost requirements.

This proactive process includes:

  • Testing your existing flooring
  • Familiarizing you with the benefits associated with each of the flooring options available to you
  • Making product recommendations because we know what works
  • Providing you with test patches to help you evaluate the effectiveness of the solution we propose
  • Installing and certifying the surface solutions that you choose

ESD Flooring offers flooring that will effectively protect your product integrity and project management that will insure your peace of mind.


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