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Our unique Ask the Experts section allows you to pose your static control questions to our team of ESD professionals. From product data to industry links, we provide the information you need. Get a personal response to your needs, or browse our bulletin board for tips from others' questions that might apply to your situation.

Many industries are losing thousands of dollars due to the deleterious effects of static electricity. Our specialists have many years of experience working within a variety of industries. They know and understand the right way to treat your static problem. Contact our industrial static electricity expert, Jim Patterson, and tap into over 20 years of experience solving static problems in medical, graphic arts, molding, laminating, chemical handling and many other industries. Jim and his staff know when, where, and how to apply our full line of static eliminating bars, blowers, guns, nozzles, web cleaners and feed back monitors. Or contact our electronics static expert, Dave Long, for the best advice in flooring, packaging, material handling, personnel grounding, and other tips to help you create a Total Environmental Solution for your facility. You'll find that Julie understands your business-we know your problems, and we know how to solve them.

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