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StaticSmart™ ESD Workstations

We carry a complete line of flexible workstations that meet ESD and cleanroom requirements as well as offering exceptional ergonomic advantages. Their features include:

  • Height adjustable work surfaces to accommodate seated or standing operators

  • Motor or manual height adjustability

  • Full range of lift, tilt, rotate and slide functions

  • Reconfigurable for new applications

Model #: ESD-WS

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StaticSmartESD Chairs

The StaticSmartline of ESD Chairs offers you premium comfort, ergonomics and unmatched static control performance. Exceptionally durable yet remarkably attractive, our StaticSmart ESD Chairs offer specially contoured seats that provide users with optimum comfort and value.



Available options include:

  • Independent tilt

  • Back tilt only control

  • Three seat height ranges

  • Waterfall and short seats

  • High back and extra-high back with built-in lumbar support

  • A variety of armrest styles

To maximize productivity and minimize the risk of generating unwanted static discharge, talk to Julie about its StaticSmart™ line of ESD chairs.

Model #: ST3000

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