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GES International Ltd. has been providing design and electronic manufacturing services to OEMs for more than 3 decades. Founded by Mr. Goh Lik Tuan, GES initially established itself as a producer of IBM-compatible PCs. The company began to market its products under its own brand name commonly known as Datamini. Throughout the years GES rapidly transformed itself from a sole proprietorship to a publicly held international leader in design, manufacturing, distribution, and after-market support serving the electronics industry.

Today GES International is also the global leader in design and manufacturing of Point of Sale (POS) products sold to leading-edge OEMs. In addition, the company also serves a wide variety of other markets from industrial controls to medical instrumentation.

From the initial start of GES and throughout the past 3 decades, quality, service, flexibility and cost effectiveness have been the four cornerstones of our company.



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