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Advances in the design of medical devices such as catheters, guide wires and stents have greatly improved the quality of medical care. However, these devices are often made with materials that bring undesirable complications such as bacterial infection, blood clots, and tissue trauma caused by device insertion. A coating on the medical device can alleviate these challenges without altering the device's bulk material properties. While there are a number of commercially available coating technologies, most use organic solvents and/or UV curing in the process. AST offers environmentally-friendly coating technologies, either as dry or water-based formulations, that feature safe, solvent-free processing.
AST Products' platform technology, known as BioLAST™, is a water-based coating technology. BioLAST contains two major components: biocompatible polymers covalently bound to substrate materials and bioactive ingredients that impart valuable characteristics to a surface. BioLAST coatings can make a surface lubricious, antimicrobial, hydrophilic, anti-thrombogenic, or anti-encrustive and can incorporate drugs for controlled release. Able to be applied to virtually any biomaterial, and particularly suited for solvent-sensitive materials used in medical devices, BioLAST coatings have been used in a variety of medical devices that have been approved by the FDA and are in use worldwide.

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