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medical coating plasma systems and contact angle analysis equipment pharmaceuticals
"AST is proud to offer environmentally friendly surface solutions to enhance product performance in the medical device, semiconductor, microelectronics, and advanced materials industries."

AST has identified unique opportunities and has developed technologies to meet those market needs. Those opportunities that do not fit into AST's business focus are either spun off as a separate company or are made into a joint venture in order to fully exploit its business potential. A few of our active ventures include:

Hunter Urology

Hunter Urology, a UK Company, was launched in 2001 by Gary Hunter, who has over 16 years of experience in the urology market, with the assistance from AST to specifically address the UTI created business opportunities. Hunter Urology is committed to bringing back that element of personal service to the urology market. Concentrating solely on Intermittent Self-Catheterization (ISC), Hunter Urology is introducing products that incorporate new and future technologies, focusing on patient needs whilst ensuring cost benefits to the clinician. AST assisted Hunter Urology to develop the world's first antimicrobial coated catheter for ISC (antibacŪ). When activated with water, the unique antimicrobial surface of the antibacŪ catheter becomes lubricious for easy insertion and removal. This reduces device-associated infection (DAI), which can be a huge economic burden on Clinicians and Hospitals.

Applied Nano Technology Science, Inc.

Applied Nano Technology Science (ANTS) was established in 2001 with the intention to commercialize Nano technologies developed by ITRI in Taiwan. In order to reduce high R&D cost, ANTS initially provided OEM services to AST's equipment products and provided engineering service to AGB for BSP development.

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