LRO- Long Range Optic for fMRI and MEG

LRO- Long Range Optic for fMRI and MEG


LRO- Long Range Optic for fMRI and MEG

Over 70 Installations Worldwide

ASL is the only company whose system has been successfully installed and used in fMRI’s in over 70 locations worldwide. Our experience includes, but is not exclusive to installations in Siemens Allegra, Siemens TIM Trio, Philips and GE. We have successful installations with both CP head coils and 8 and 12 channel head coils. Our experienced staff can assist with optical path designs, custom configurations, stimulus display inquiries, training and installation.

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The Long Range Optic is designed specifically for the fMRI environment and is now available for MEG environments. Virtually no ferrous metal is used in the optics module. The camera and illumination source uses ASL bright pupil technology that allows much more flexibility in set up. The optics can be positioned 12 feet from the bore. Custom DC power cables are designed to go through your RF filters and penetration panel.


Quick Set Up, Ease of Use & Portability

ASL provides an adjustable clam shell shelf that allows for quick alignment with the magnet bore. The setup and the calibration for each participant are quick and easy. The operating software includes the ASL auto-thresholding of the eye image and various calibration procedures depending on your research requirements.

In many cases (ex. the Siemens 3T Allegra) there is not enough room to mount a separate mirror to track the eye. In these cases the mirror used to view the stimulus may also be used to track the eye, minimizing set up time and increasing the participant’s comfort. Nothing is worn by the participants.

Various Temporal Resolutions

The standard configuration of the system includes a 60 Hz camera. For other research requirements, the system is available with high speed optics, capable of tracking at 120 and 240 Hz. This unique feature gives you the flexibility to broaden your research questions.

Accurate & Reliable Eye Movement Data

Data output and input are available in real time. The system outputs real-time X and Y gaze coordinates and pupil size. This data is available as analog, digital and video outputs.

In addition, the system will import data (16 bit parallel digital port, TTL level positive true) that can also be used to flag data.

Data can be recorded and analyzed offline. The EYE-TRAC®6 includes our EYENAL™ and FIXPLOT™ software programs for analyzing and displaying the collected data.

Concurrent Studies with other EYE-TRAC®6 Optics

The EYE-TRAC®6 control unit can be configured with all of ASL EYE-TRAC®6 optics. This allows you the ability to conduct studies inside and outside of the magnet room.

ASL offers multiple solution packages as well as the ability to share components. The EYE-TRAC®6 control unit is compact and can easily be carried from the control room of the magnet to other laboratories or mock scanner. Acquiring additional optics along with the complete ASL fMRI long range solution provides you with the opportunity to optimize your research funding.

Additional EYE-TRAC®6 Optics:

  • Desktop/Remote, 50/60 Hz & high speed (commonly used with EEG studies)
  • Headmounted, 50/60 Hz & high speed (commonly used in mock scanner)
  • Chinrest mounted, 50/60 Hz & high speed
  • Mini mounted optics in Virtual HMDs

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