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Tech Support From Admix, Inc.Call Customer Service M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST@ 800.466.2369


Pre-Order Info:

Our technical sales and product management teams are available daily to answer any of your process related questions, and for sizing, pricing, and quoting information.


We’ve designed our website to be as informative and easy to use as possible. You can research our product lines and technical capabilities by searching through the Find Your Mixer sections of our site via Equipment Name, Ingredients, Applications or Industry.


Once you complete your review of our site and require more information, please find your local representative by visiting our Sales Office directory. Or, contact our one of our Application Engineers at 800.466.2369


Post-Order Info:

Call Customer Service @ 800.466.2369 for:

  • Order StatusClick for Complete Details on the Admix Field Service Program

  • Spare Parts

  • Field Service, or

  • Repair Assistance

Ask about our Field Service Program
or click image for complete details

Our Team:

Paul Vose, Spare Parts Supervisor


James Crowell, Field Service Representative


Schedule A Lab Test:

Call or email our Technical Services Manager, David Wenzel to determine if a lab test at our facility is right for you. Learn more about our lab capabilities by clicking here.


Call 800.466.2369