CitraTest® Deploys a Powerful Open Architecture

  • CitraTest® is compatible with every version of Microsoft Windows, all Windows applications, all web applications, all legacy applications, all custom applications
  • CitraTest® has a very small footprint and requires less than 10 Mbytes of memory
  • The standard CitraTest® function set is supplied within a standard Microsoft® Visual Basic scripting environment
  • The CitraTest® standard functions provide for all basic scripting tasks such as clicking on, comparing, verifying, and awaiting display images, while issuing keyboard and mouse actions during test script playback (every user action can be replicated)
  • CitraTest® offers user definable image comparison to account for changes in image display location and variations in color
  • CitraTest® enables quick ramp-up results via a powerful scripting Wizard
  • CitraTest® allows the user to easily capture, store and edit baseline bitmap images
  • The XML & text based results logs detail each executed test step, when it was performed and elapsed time of completion
  • The performance benchmarking response timer allows for measurement of response times to within milliseconds (any user action can be replicated & measured)
  • Tevron's proprietary Optical Character Recognition (OCR), designed specifically for automated software testing, enables text to be read and verified from the display screen
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