CitraTest® Answers Ease of Use

Developers and testers have been asking for automated testing tools that do not require learning new proficiencies and keeping up with special languages. CitraTest®; has answered this demand, and test scripting is completed using standard Visual Basic. CitraTest® automatically generates sophisticated script code as each test script is created. For CitraTest® users, this means better utilization of resources in training, skills inventory, maximizing productivity, BETTER ACCURACY saving time and money.

CitraTest ® Testing the Real User Experience

Since achieving real accuracy is not attainable through simply simulating a user behind the scenes, CitraTest® does not rely on interacting with the application under test or the test environment's operating system. CitraTest® creates a real user experience by remaining a backĀ­ground operation that generates real mouse activity and keyboard strokes and then responds to the images on the screen - just like a real user. CitraTest® recognizes and evaluates responses during test script playback by "capturing" screen images and comparing them to a user-created baseline. Therefore, CitraTest® acts as a virtual human user by detecting, evaluating, measuring and responding to visible on-screen activity. Testing the real user experience ensures the ultimate in test accuracy through broad compatibility and ease of use, across many test environments.
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