• Tubing products designed to meet highly specialized or harsh applications

HSK-600 Kynar Irradiated Heat Shrinkable Tubing · High-Temperature Resistance · Translucent Thin Wall · Highly Resistant To Most Industrial Fuels, Chemicals And Solvents · Outstanding Abrasion, Cut-Through And High Impact Resistance · Semi-Rigid · High Degree Of Mechanical Strength · Excellent Dielectric Properties · Meets UL, CSA And Military Specifications

HSN-100 Neoprene Irradiated Heat Shrinkable Tubing · Outstanding Abrasion And Cut-Through Resistance · Operates In A Broad Temperature Range · Flexible At Low Temperatures · Resistant To Most Fluids And Solvents At High Temperatures ·Meets Military Specifications

HS-VTN Viton Irradiated Modified Heat Shrinkable Fluoroelastomer ·Superior Resistance To Highly Corrosive Fluids, Fuels, Lubricants, Acids And Solvents At Elevated Temperatures · Highly Impact, Abrasion And Cut-Through Resistant · Very Flexible At High And Low Temperatures · Meets Military Specifications

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