State-of-the-Art Manufacturing and Electron Beam Cross-linking

INSULTAB, Inc. is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of heat shrinkable polyolefin, PVC, and special polymer tubing and PVC sleeving. Established in 1964, we are the only manufacturer of cross-linked heat shrinkable PVC tubing in North America. INSULTAB's manufacturing facility features an electron beam accelerator on-site to cross-link (irradiate) polymers, which enhances their physical properties.

Quality From Start To Finish

We extrude, cross-link, expand, cut, mark, coat, and package our own tubing. As a result, our products are of the highest quality and consistency on the market today. You can be certain they will meet applicable UL, CSA, AMS, ASTM, Military, VDE, USFDA, or Medical USP Class VI specifications.

Responsive To Your Specific Needs

We routinely compound or develop polymers to achieve the specific properties you require. Special colors, tubing sizes, wall thickness', markings, and close tolerance cutting (to ensure square, crimp-free cuts for automated assembly operations) are performed in-house.

At INSULTAB, We Do It All!

Our experienced and dedicated staff is committed to providing you with excellent service, prompt quotations, just-in-time delivery programs and more. So, if you enjoy working with a company that likes challenges and takes pride in meeting them, contact us.


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