• Manufactured in an ISO 9001 registered plant
  • Over 35 years of manufacturing experience
  • Supplier to such diverse markets as: electronics, medical, hardware, automotive, military, aerospace, marine, and toy.
  • Products to meet UL, CSA, AMS, ASTM, Military, VDE, USFDA, and USP Class VI specifications
  • Reliable, fast delivery
  • Custom research & development to meet your application with precision
  • Samples available


INSULTAB Heat Shrinkable & Non-Shrinkable Tubing Products


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Important Notice

All of the information presented in this web site is believed to be reliable and is presented only as a guide to product selection. As each application is unique, Insultab can make no warranties as to the suitability of any products for a particular use. Insultab's only obligations are those in the standard terms and conditions of sale for these products. Specifications are subject to change. Insultab reserves the right to make changes, without notification to the buyer, to materials or processing that do not affect compliance with any applicable specification.

Insultab, Inc. makes no other warranty regarding these products, either express or implied, and hereby disclaims the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will Insultab be liable to any person for any damages whether direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, whether arising in contract or tort, even if Insultab has been advised of the possibility of such damages.