Q: How do I size heat shrink tubing correctly?

A: The inside diameter of shrink tubing depends on the outside diameter of the substrate onto which you will be shrinking. In this WEB site, we provide expanded inside diameters and recovered inside diameters for your referral. Choose an expanded size that fits over your substrate and will shrink down with heat more than the substrate outside diameter for a snug fit. Shrink ratios are available in 2:1, 3:1, and custom ratios. For a thinner recovered tube wall thickness, choose an expanded size that just slips over the substrate.

Q: Why does my heat shrink tubing look too big for the application?

A: Before shrink tubing is heated, it may be 2 or even 3 times the diameter that it will become after heating. Fear not, if sized correctly the tubing will shrink down to a snug fit. If the tubing is still too loose then either it was sized incorrectly or it has not been exposed to enough heat to maximize shrinkage.

Q: What is the difference between PVC and polyolefin?

A: They are completely different polymers with different advantages. PVC has better clarity, colorability, UV resistance, chemical resistance, and is less expensive than polyolefin. Polyolefin has been a workhorse in the electronics market for years because of its wider operating temperature range, extended shelf life, light weight, and proven track record. The key to product selection is to use the product that meets your requirements and specifications.

Q: What specifications do your products meet?

A: Many of our products have been tested to UL/CSA, AMS, ASTM, Military, VDE, USFDA, and USP Class VI specifications. If you need a certain specification met, please call us and ask.

Q: Can you provide a product if I provide you with a competitor's name or number?

A: Absolutely, we maintain a quick cross-reference guide (included in our catalog) that contains most of the major tubing manufacturers.

Q: Do you have any distributors who resell smaller quantities?

A: Yes we do. For a distributor near you, please call us at 888.888.8888.

Q: What types of polymers do you supply?

A: We currently supply PVC, polyolefin, TPE, EVA, ionomer, polyurethane, polypropylene, polyethylene, Elvax, Surlyn, and Nucrel. In addition, we supply many custom compounded blends and alloys. We enjoy trying new materials to meet your requirements and welcome your requests!

Q: Can you color match?

A: Yes we can. We will match colors from a Pantone number or a swatch.

Q: What is the minimum Inside Dimension and maximum Inside Dimension that you can provide?

A: The minimum we can provide is .010" and the maximum is 4.0" which covers a large range of applications.

Q: Can I have a product manufactured to my specific requirements?

A: Yes you can. We have a Research & Design group that can build a product to your exacting specifications. Please contact us for more information and see the Custom Product Development section of this WEB site.

Q: Are the minimum order requirements for custom products out of this world?

A: Not at all. The minimums depend on the type and size of the product being designed and they are quite reasonable given the value you'll receive.

Q: Can you cut to size?

A: Yes, we cut from 1/8" long to 10 feet, 1%.

Q: How thin can you make the wall of your tubing?

A: Our wall thickness' range from .005" to .5", depending on diameter.

Q: Can I order on-line?

A: By June 1, 1999, you will be able to order our standard tubing and Teflon coated products through www.ThomasRegister.com.

Q: Do the products have a shelf life?

A: Yes, however most polymers, if stored properly, will last for years. Cool, dry conditions, away from sunlight, are the best conditions for heat shrink tubing to be stored. Each polymer has a different shelf life, so contact us for more information. 


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