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The FTD® Demure™ Cake Knife Decoration
(right) Your guests will remember the special graciousness of your wedding cake service when you add fresh flowers to your serving pieces.

FTD W18-3407
3.5"w x 5"d



The FTD® White Wonders™ Cake Decoration (left) The wedding cake is a traditional focus at the reception...fresh flowers can provide a sumptuous touch of refinement. Three-tier set: 6"dia., 9'dia. and 12"dia.

FTD W18-3406  


The FTD® Celebrate With Us™ Card Table Arrangement (right) The saeting card is a social nicety made even more refined when decorated with an arrangement of fresh flowers.
FTD W5-3379
29"h x 15"w


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