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"In life, as in chess, forethought wins."
~ Charles Buxton

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Business Support Services:

Word Processing Packages for Small Businesses

  • ABS is currently accepting new clients for this service
  • Word processing services utilize the following software:
    • MS Word, Excel, and Power Point
    • Lotus' AmiPro, Lotus Spreadsheet, and Freelance

Services are geared for small businesses that need these services on a regular monthly basis but do not wish to hire secretarial help. Packages begin with a four-hour minimum per month on a pre-paid basis.
Word Processing Services include:

  • Reports
  • Sales letters
  • General Business Correspondence
  • Articles

Presentation Creation and Design

The presentation is created and designed from an outline provided by client. The presentation will be provided in either PowerPoint or Freelance format.

Data Base Management Services for Client List Maintenance

Data base management and maintenance geared for sales professionals, retail stores, and service providers who wish to build and maintain a valuable client base and remain in contact with clients or prospects on a regular basis.

Examples for this service, along with mailing services, include:

  • Sending out reminders for Auto Repair at scheduled intervals
  • Sending out reminders for Health Care Services at scheduled intervals
  • Sending out correspondence to maintain contact with past clients on a regular schedule

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