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"In life, as in chess, forethought wins."
~ Charles Buxton

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Research and Analysis

  • Primary Research:
    • Identify Market Needs/Wants
      • Focus Groups
      • Telephone Surveys
      • Direct Mail Survey and Response
    • SPSS Analysis and Reports
  • Secondary Research:
    • Research of all Sources available
      • Newspaper Archives
      • Government Archives
      • On-line Services and Database Search
      • Library Research
      • Locating Experts
      • Industry Outlook and Trends
  • Custom Market Research Reports
    • Utilizing all data compiled:
      • Primary, Secondary, Competitive Analysis and Industry Outlook

Full-Service Marketing Campaigns

  • Corporate Ids
    • Logo Design
    • Stationery and Business Cards
    • Post Card Design
    • Brochure Design
  • Direct Mail Campaigns:
    • Sales Letter Composition
    • Post Cards Design and composition
    • Mailing Lists
    • Reminders/Database Services
    • Web Design and/or Review

Web Design

  • Design Services & Content Writing:
    ABS will design, write text, and coordinate your web presence as well as print materials to convey a consistent image and tone throughout all mediums.
  • Review Services:
    Review of web-site image, functionality, and message conveyed to viewer as it relates to your business.

Client/Prospect Mapping Services

  • Identifies customers and prospects geographically to route sales efforts effectively.
  • Identifies radius area for on-going marketing efforts.

Saturation Studies

  • Geographical studies of market size to determine support for a particular business. Also useful to entice specific businesses to start-up or re-locate within a specific city or town.
  • Determines Market size utilizing Buying Power Index (BPI) Analysis

Mailing Services

  • Mailing Lists & Mailing Services
  • Business Reply Mail - Response Marketing

Customer / Employee Satisfaction Surveys

  • Survey Design
  • SPSS Statistical Analysis
    • Frequencies
    • Cross-Tabulation
    • Multiple Regression Analysis
  • Ongoing Surveys and Quarterly Tracking Reports

Industry Outlook Research & Analysis

  • Research and Analysis conducted on specific industries for future decision-making purposes.

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