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"In life, as in chess, forethought wins."
~ Charles Buxton

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Strategic Planning

The process is an objective evaluation of company performance and future goals that will enable the organization to compete more effectively or to implement defensive strategies for long term health. Analysis is based on the history of company, internal and external evaluations, market analysis, financial performance and goals of the organization. More specifically, the process involves facilities planning, marketing, product (or service) planning, acquisition objectives, long-range programs for obtaining and training personnel, and the magnitude of funds required to support the company's programs. The final report also discusses Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis. The strategic planning process identifies and supports specific strategies that will help the organization to reduce costs, improve profits, defend against threats, and reach organization goals with proper implementation.

Financial Trend Analysis

A component of Strategic Planning, but focusing solely on the financial ratio analysis to determine fiscal health of an organization. This analysis provides early warning signs of danger or confirmation that a business is financially healthy. It keeps a business fiscally fit and trending in a positive direction as it relates to its respective industry. This study may also be conducted on publicly owned competitors for general knowledge or acquisition possibilities.

Business Plans

New or expanding businesses not only need capital, but they also need a road map. Businesses or potential businesses are fully researched, in their respective industry, and are presented in a Standard Business Plan format.

  • Standard Business Plan Outline includes:
  • Cover Sheet
  • Introduction
  • Statement of Purpose
         I The Business
         II Financial Data
         III Supporting Documents

Marketing Plans

Discusses the market size, competition, key sales professionals in an organization, industry outlook, competitive climate, and analysis. The goal of a Marketing Plan is to implement measurable sales goals based on sales budget figures and increase the effective use of employee resources.

Competitive Climate & Analysis

A component of business and marketing plans to be used to identify the local competitive climate for target marketing purposes. This analysis may also involve other businesses or industries as they compete for disposable dollars within a geographical area. This analysis may include saturation studies to compare with other geographical markets.

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