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Project Acceptance & On-Line Payments
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Online Ordering and Payment Process

Immediate online delivery of research reports are available via the DigiBuy secure web server's ABS Online Order Form and using credit card payment option only. A registration code or download URL will be sent to the customer's valid e-mail address depending on the requested delivery method.

Research projects begin at $600.00 and can range depending on the scope of work involved. ABS will provide a written proposal outlining research and work proposed for all projects and services except written reports already available for immediate download. All research work requires 50% down upon acceptance of proposal, and ABS will send notification when work is completed. Completed work will then be delivered upon notification of final payment and clearance using the preferred method of delivery.

If Check payment option is used, through CheckSpace, or if sending a paper check, research will be sent after confirmation of payment is received and payment clears (usually in 10 business days). If credit card option is preferred, a registration code will be provided. Credit card transactions require a 15% additional fee. Delivery methods include: secure server access through DigiBuy; e-mail with attachments in MS Word; or diskettes delivered through US mail. If choosing the last option, there is an additional $15.00 fee for postage and handling.

Word Processing Services are packaged. The minimum package begins at four-hours of services at $150.00 per month, and they are pre-paid using any of the three payment options.

For more information on CheckSpace or DigiBuy, their secured servers, and/or information regarding their protection of consumer information, please visit their respective sites at www.checkspace.com and www.digibuy.com.

Time Frames & Fees:

Electronic Check or Paper Check Payments:

Fully paid confidential information will be sent via e-mail with MS Word attachment, or will be sent on diskette or CD through US mail after 10 business days. If choosing US mail delivery, please add the $15.00 fee for postage and handling and allow for mailing time.

Credit Card Payments:

Please add 15% on all credit card payments.
General Topics and pre-written Research Reports are available immediately. All other completed confidential information may be sent via e-mail with MS Word attachment, downloaded through DigiBuy's server, or on diskette or CD through US mail within three business days. If choosing US mail delivery, please add the $15.00 fee for postage and handling and allow for mailing time.

Project Acceptance & On-Line Payments

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