What We Do

GlobeTech Consultants rapidly identifies the appropriate consultant(s) who can effectively address clients' needs. GlobeTech has immediate access to very broad areas of expertise that can be brought to bear on solving a wide spectrum of problems within most high-tech industries.

How we do it

GlobeTech Consultants represents a large group of high-tech professionals who are readily available to address clients' needs. The process is simple - Go to Request for Services and submit a description of your needs. We analyze these needs, review our vast base of registered consultants, evaluate their expertise, identify the best candidates, and propose candidates...all this at no charge and usually within 48 hours.

Benefits of GlobeTech Consultants

  • For Clients: GlobeTech Consultants enables clients to optimize their selection of professional services while significantly reducing search time and associated costs.
  • For Consultants: GlobeTech Consultants provides consultants with a well-publicized central location where prospecting companies can find consultants with the expertise that matches a broad spectrum of their consulting needs.

Consultant Registration

Prospective consultants must first register in order to be reviewed for inclusion in GlobeTech Consultants registry. There are no registration fees. Registration is simple and fast. Go to Consultant Registration for details.