Quality and Performance

Quality and Performance

Since 1983 clients have been able to count on us, delivery after delivery.

In addition to our own strict standards, we’re one of the very few ground courier firms (if not the only one) to receive ISO 9001 certification:

ISO 9001-2008

ISO 9001
Certificate Number 5047179

ISO 9001 registration signifies that a qualified external auditor has examined our quality systems and has found that they meet widely accepted international standards.

It’s your assurance that we will thoroughly document the way that we conduct our business and will operate the way we say we will. Compliance is measured through monthly audits.

In other words, when we say that it will be there, you can count on it!

Our Certification Assures That:

  • Hiring procedures are followed and employees and contractors screening are completed.
  • Training and development are consistent and relevant to our industry.
  • Customer surveys are done 2 times annually ensuring that we are constantly aware of our customer’s concerns and input.
  • Customer Service Representatives are knowledgeable, courteous, helpful and informative professionals.
  • Orders are thoroughly documented, communicated and transmitted to field service delivery specialist.
  • Marketing materials are reviewed in management meetings.
  • Bills of lading and other delivery logs are in compliance with industry and that documents are thoroughly filled in.
  • Staff, contractors and vendors are aware of our customer’s requirements and provide proper representation including attire and identification.
  • Vehicles and equipment are licensed, insured, safe, secure, clean and reliable.
  • Our technology is modern, user friendly, displays real-time activity and reliable.
  • Performances on service levels and operating systems are measured daily and evaluated for effectiveness. Quarterly management reviews assures improved quality management systems, improved service that our organization provides and meet revised resource requirements.
  • Preventative & corrective actions are documented & filed as well as communicated to quality controllers and customers.