Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Relying heavily as we do on motor vehicles to complete deliveries, it’s hard not to be concerned with the environmental impact of our business.

However, unfortunately it is difficult to replace the larger vehicle capacity that we often need to meet the expectations of our clients. Despite these limitations, there are several steps that we have taken over the years to reduce the environmental impact of our activities:

EPA Smart Way Planner

US Courier and Delivery Service was accepted by the EPA as a SmartWay Transport Partner in 2011. Through this program we have committed to additional reductions in our emissions beyond the steps that we have already taken.

Compact Vehicles

Whenever possible, compact vehicles are substituted for larger ones. This can reduce oil consumption by as much as 15 barrels of oil per year per vehicle, and Carbon Dioxide emissions by as much as 3 tons per year per vehicle assuming 30,000 miles/year

Hybrid Vehicles

We do have a few compact hybrids in our fleet. Compared to the typical mid sized vehicle, this reduced oil consumption by as much as 30 barrels/vehicle/year, and Carbon Dioxide emissions by as much as 6 tons/vehicle/year.

Office Lighting

Use of T8 Fluorescent in all of our offices instead of T12 reduces energy consumption for lighting by 40%.


Besides upgraded to the most energy efficient models when computers are replaced, when not in use computers are put into Idle or Sleep Mode. Across our company, this saves between 70-130 barrels of oil energy equivalents, depending on mode.


Thermostats are set no higher than 66˚ in the winter, no lower than 70˚ in the summer.


  • All copier and printer paper is recycled stock, and is in turn recycled after use.
  • Paper printed on one side is reused on the other side for internal printing.
  • Stationery is on recycled stock.
  • The use of paper cups and plates is not allowed


Besides paper, we also recycle the majority of all other paper, paperboard, cardboard, aluminum and glass used in our offices.

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