A closer look at the CitraTest APM Web Console
The CitraTest APM WebConsole allows IT Managers, IT Engineers, and other authorized users the ability to review and analyze the End User Performance of any application from any point of presence (monitoring PC) across the global enterprise.
SLA Management And Reporting
Detailed SLA Reports can be quickly generated for any application on a real time basis as well as from an historical viewpoint.
Through the use of the CitraTest APM Web Console, detailed execution schedules can be created and seamlessly transferred to all the Points of Presence across the enterprise. All monitoring scripts that are included in each schedule will automatically be deployed to the various Points of Presence in preparation for execution.
Monitoring Groups
The CitraTest APM Web Console allows for the creation of monitoring groups which associates various Points of Presence via a unique Group name (Boston location, London Location, Paris Location, Frankfurt Location etc.)
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