Market Trends & Requirements
  • Most large enterprises have an application portfolio consisting of between 250 and 500 applications. These applications consist of a combination of in-house & packaged applications.
  • Network & Systems Management (NSM) vendors have ignored the "homegrown" application management area
  • With the increasing adoption of e-business applications, a need has emerged for management of the end-to-end (ETE) application platform stack
  • Enterprise are looking for simplified ETE solutions that will cover their extensive application base and integrate with current processes
CitraTest APM meets these requirments
Through the use of the CitraTest APM Web Console, detailed execution schedules can be created and seamlessly transferred to all the Points of Presence across the enterprise. All monitoring scripts that are included in each schedule will automatically be deployed to the various Points of Presence in preparation for execution.
CitraTest APM Monitoring the Real User Experience
  • Produces and measures real user interaction for every application
  • Measures the End-To-End User Experience inside and outside the corporate firewall
  • Supports Every Application that is accessible from a Windows Client
  • Automatically sends the performance metrics to a central database
  • All metrics along with SLA reports are viewable via a Web based management Console

CitraTest APM - Real User Experience
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