Nationwide Permitting Services offers a one-stop resource for all your permitting needs.NPS can be a single point of contact and accountability that that facilitates meeting the regulatory requirements of your projects on time, and on budget. We offer a variety of services to our clients, including:

  • Detailed Due Diligence for all projects. Report designed to identify all municipal requirements, as well as potential pitfalls, cost for reviews and permits, etc.
  • Submission of all projects, to every municipality in the United States.
  • Follow up with local municipality throughout the entire project to ensure that your permits are pushed through as quickly as possible.
  • Timely and customizable reporting based on your project/program specific needs.
  • The ability for you to access up to the minute updates on all projects through our Permit Tracking Center, available through our Website.
  • Project Closeout

We offer our services to a variety of clients nationwide. Working with architects and owners, general contractors and corporate partners, we have the know-how and experience to manage all your permitting needs. NPS can help with all types of construction projects, and we specialize in several key focus areas.

Sign Permits

Signs are a major part if not the most important aspect of marketing for many retail companies. As signage has progressed the last few decades the code enforcement of local municipalities has made the process tougher to get your proposed signage approved. We can perform upfront code consulting so you know what your allowances are and whether or not a variance is likely based on your proposed signage. We also have local representatives to offer to these projects therefore adding local knowledge and expertise about a municipality. Many retail companies will go through re-image/branding programs, we can offer the most time effective service to help this transition. We have experience with this type of rebranding program and if you have a similar project or any other sign related project, contact us.

Variances, Non-Compliance Issues

Do you have a construction project that will require a variance? Or perhaps you have an existing location that due to recent code changes, is no longer in compliance with local Code Enforcement? We can help.

Nationwide Permitting Services offers turnkey variance service, in every city in the US. We have local expediters all across the country with the experience to navigate the variance process as quickly and professionally as possible. If you would like to discuss a specific case, please Contact Us.

Any and all other construction related permits

Didn’t see the type of permit you need above? No worries, we pull them all! We can help with any and all type of construction permits. And if we can’t pull it, we know who can. From sign permits to building permits; non-compliance issues to demo permits; land disturbance, health, notice of commencement, change in contractor; if it’s a construction related permit, we can help. Contact us today.

We are a full service, turnkey
nationwide permit expediting company