About Us

We are a full service permit expediting and code consulting company located in Atlanta, GA. We offer our services both locally in Atlanta and nationwide. We service every municipality, in every city, county and town, in every state, nationwide and even international when requested. If you need a construction permit in anywhere in the US, we can help. So, how do we do it?

Through years of navigating permitting pitfalls for our clients, we have developed relationships with some of the best local expeditors in the country. These expediters work daily in some of the toughest permitting jurisdictions in the country. For example, when you choose NPS for a project in Southern Florida, you do so with the confidence that your project will have a local representative. More importantly, you will have on your project the inside knowledge and well established local relationships that will move your projects forward as quickly as possible. We will not lose valuable time by waiting for a return call from the permit office, a call that may never be returned. Rather, we will take the proactive approach of constantly pushing these projects through completion.

There are several advantages of using NPS for all your permitting needs:

  • Single point of contact and accountability for all projects.
  • Our ability to initiate permit process early in the design work to ensure that projects are ready to start on schedule.
  • Consistency in expediting method, and local expertise on all projects.
  • Most importantly is our ability to interact with these governmental entities to get issues resolved quickly and permits rendered timely by escalating to the individuals that can approve these permits.

We are a full service, turnkey
nationwide permit expediting company