Historical restoration and renovation projects require complex expertise in material selection, manufacturing-reproduction, and installation.

Our company finds itself in the unique position as a leading fabricator and installer of marble, granite, limestone, and other stone products.


Case Study
Project Name: “Marble Palace” – 280 Broadway
Owner: New York City
Location: 280 Broadway, New York, NY
Architect: Beyer-Blinder-Belle, New York, NY
General Contractor: Arnell Construction, Brooklyn, NY
Marble: Imperial White Danby Marble (Danby, VT)

This project (a New York City landmark) required the restoration and replacement of roughly 8,000 cu.ft. of marble.

Material Selection
The replacement stone was to match as closely as possible the stone that had been installed over 100 years ago, which had deteriorated due to pollution and time. Since the original quarry is no longer in operation, we assisted the Architect and the Conservator in the selection of blocks at the operating quarry. Particular attention was given to the orientation and size of the veins in the marble as well as the direction of the cuts to be made.

Match Between Old and New
In order to accurately replicate the pieces on the existing building, we were in continuous contact with the General Contractor and Architect. Our specialists were able to produce the replicas with the help of samples of old stone and frequent trips to the site.

Total material replaced was 8,000 cu.ft., fabricated at our factory into the following items:

  • Flat Stones
  • Window Pilasters
  • Window Headers
  • Flat Columns
  • Triangular “Doghouse” Headers
  • Window Sills
  • Various Mouldings
  • Column Bases
  • Columns (round and flat)
  • Floreal Capitals

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