We are continuously developing and searching for new products and solutions in order to satisfy the most difficult challenges faced by architects and designers.

Some examples of products under development at our factory are:

Hollow-core lightweight columns
Stone columns cannot be used in all locations due to their heavy weight. We are presently developing lightweight (1/4” thick = 3.5 lbs/Sq.Ft.) hollow core columns that will eliminate this problem.

Pre-Assembled floor and wall panels for quick installation (Hotels)
In many situations the cost of installation is much higher than that of the stone itself. Also, the time required to install is often a real hurdle during the renovation of hotel rooms and lobbies. We are presently testing new systems of pre-assembled walls and floors that can be installed with enormous time and cost savings

Lightweight three dimensional architectural shapes
We are developing lightweight (1/4” thick = 3.5 lbs/Sq.Ft.) hollow cornices, profiles, mouldings, jambs, headers, and various other shapes for use in locations where marble and granite’s weight has always made it impossible or cost-prohibitive.

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