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Our clients include individuals, companies and associations who need to focus in on matchless customer service that will lead to better sales results. Our results speak for themselves, and here are some of the things that have been said about us…

“You far exceeded my expectations. You delivered a presentation that was on target and kept the audience on the edge of their chairs.”
Bill Elovitz, President
Building #19, Inc.
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"MERA's presentation on customer service, guest relations and front and back of house cohesion proved to be very beneficial. I give them my full recommendation and endorsement."
Michael Buckley, Chef / Owner
MT Dining Group / Nashua NH
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“Your energy, positive attitude, and upbeat presentation deeply touched each of the 120 downtown business owners gathered together…”
J. Christopher Williams, President
Greater Nashua, NH Chamber of Commerce
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“Your training, while presented in a logical format, allowed the staff to freely roam, with thought-provoking questions leading to spirited discussions… All staff left with a relaxed confidence that has spilled over, creating a contagious selling fever that has resulted in higher sales and happy customers…”
Gary Cissell, Director of Flooring
Nebraska Furniture Mart

"Your professional yet down to earth approach challenged [us] to think like
a consumer."

Tim Hogan, General Manager
Crowne Plaza Hotel / Nashua NH
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“I went to the best salesman I know – you. Thank you. I am delighted with how my interactions are progressing.”
Gregory F. Martin, MD, Anesthesiologist
Southern NH Medical Center
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"What really made your presentation outstanding was your unique ability to connect with the audience..."
Tracy Hatch, Director of Membership
Greater Nashua, NH Chamber of Commerce
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“I could see that the audience connected with you and really wanted to hear your thoughts. And I knew we had made the right choice.”
Sue Butler, Executive Director
Great American Downtown
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"If you want to give your employees the tools to focus and reenergize, I highly recommend MERA."
Jeffrey Levine, President
Towers Motor Parts / Nashua NH
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“You reminded us of what we must do to stay competitive, positive and provide phenomenal customer service.”
Marylou Blaisdell, Owner
DesignWares / Nashua, NH
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