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Many of the online directories focus towards one market segment or audience profile. Here, we target the "best in class" for each of the served markets by industry leaders in their respective fields. Find a category that you feel is most relevant to the content of your site, or that attracts a customer demographic you wish to reach. Provide a title and URL and submit to this directory.

Corporate Business

Business web directory and online Internet marketing center, offering powerful promotion opportunities to your business and website. Maximize traffic to your website by submitting to the directory. Categorized in 6 main groups, including Consulting, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Extended Internet Services, Health, Pharmaceutical, Professionals, Software & Telecommunications, Transportation and Corporate Services.


Corporate Services

Health, Pharmaceutical, Professionals


Software & Telecommunications




Colleges and Education

Online education programs for students, parents, teachers and others working at any level in the field of education. Online education courses, degree programs, accredited online education, and training certificates can be found at the following links.


Banks & Financial Institutions

Provides listings of financial businesses and websites located in the U.S. and Canada. All submissions are human-edited for quality assurance. Find a collection of sites about scholarships, fellowships, student grants and loans, as well as financial planning ideas for saving for college.

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All Mera Training sessions concentrate on delivering unequalled customer satisfaction at every level of your organization. Our training seminars and workshops are customized to your unique situation and are built around:

  • Learning to listen
  • Knowing your real product
  • Dancing with your customers
  • Under promising and over delivering
  • Understanding the value of your brand
  • Making the customers part of your sales force


You want to be the company everyone else has to chase.

To get there, contact Mera. We’ll show you how to do what it takes so that every customer leads to another. We offer:

  • 90-minute seminars
  • Half-day workshops
  • On-the floor training
  • One-on-one coaching


We work with trade associations, retail, professional and hospitality clients of all sizes – any organization that can benefit from better customer service.

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