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LNI remains as the leader in automated software testing and infiniband solutions.

LNI and InfiniBand™

InfiniBand Trade Association


Lamprey Networks Inc. has been engaged in InfiniBand™ since its inception, completing our first InfiniBand™ Link Layer test suite in 2000. With this experience, the company has been able to partner with industry leaders, including Intel Corporation and Agilent Technologies, to implement test definitions and contribute to the design of InfiniBand™ test systems.

  • LNI's InfiniBand™ involvement has included both test suite authoring as well as test script design and implementation. LNI has worked both independently and under contract to design Test Suites and implement tests. The tests have been implemented into fully automated test applications by LNI’s engineers using a variety of different platforms.

  • LNI's experience in implementing compliance and interoperability tests has given them great familiarity with the internals of the test equipment. The company works directly with the vendors to improve their equipment: including identifying problem areas in existing implementations, writing support libraries, and providing design descriptions for new components.

  • LNI's work has also made them familiar with emerging features of the technology such as the incorporation of the Device Test Application (DTA). LNI is also well versed with the COM and DCOM protocols for communication with third party test equipment. The company has written a number of tests, which utilize these functionalities.

LNI is no in it's 8th contract year with the InfiniBand™ Trade Association (IBTA) to continue development and support of the Compliance and Interoperability Test Suite.

Current Work

In addition to the InfiniBand™ Test Suite Development work, the following are other areas of LNI InfiniBand™ involvement:

  • InfiniBand™ Testing Program
    - LNI continues to offer a multi-tiered comprehensive testing program which includes Compliance and Interoperability testing on the Physical, Link, Network, CM, SM, and Transport Layers.

  • InfiniBand™ Partners Program
    - For those vendors interested in a more involved, extended program for development of software and hardware, the InfiniBand™ Partners Program offers options not available with our Testing Program.

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LNI offers dynamic software testing and iscsi test tools.LNI offers Compliance and Interoperability Testing Solutions to new and emerging networking technologies providing higher confidence when devices are brought to market. Leading the Industry in Compliance, and Interoperability Testing Solutions!

infiniband, IB, automated software testing