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LNI remains as the leader in automated software testing and infiniband solutions.


LNI is a founding member of the iWARP consortium, working in conjunction with the iWARP community to create a comprehensive set of test tools that accelerate the delivery of a conformant and interoperable iWARP product to the market.


iWARP Technology


As network speeds move into the 10 Gigabits per seconds and higher range, an increasing percentage of the CPU is lost processing network traffic. In an effort to recapture these CPU cycles for application processing RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) technology was standardized. RDMA technology reduces the amount of time a CPU must spend performing buffer copies and processing interrupts, resulting in improved application performance. Standardized RDMA solutions were first introduced to the market though InfiniBand. InfiniBand, however, required a new networking infrastructure, leaving organizations with legacy Ethernet networks out in the cold. With the introduction of RFCs 5040, 5041, and 5044 the IETF defined a standard for performing RDMA within the context of the Internet Protocol, independent of the underlying physical network. Within the RDMA industry these RFCs are called the iWARP RFCs and the products related to these RFCs is loosely termed iWARP technology.

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LNI iWARP Offerings

LNI has been involved with the standardization of iWARP technology since 2003 and now offers a full set of products and services for organizations working with this high performance RDMA protocol.

  • For detailed corner case, conformance, and negative testing LNI provides a complete conformance test suite that addresses all elements of the iWARP protocols as defined in RFC 5040, 5041, 5044.

  • For interoperability, stress, system, and performance testing LNI provides XANStorm, a traffic generation tool that operates at the RDMA protocol level.

LNI provides contracted services related to iWARP development and testing. These services include turnkey system, conformance, interoperability, and performance testing. LNI also develops regression suites and consults in the implementation of effective iWARP QA programs.

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LNI offers dynamic software testing and iscsi test tools.LNI offers Compliance and Interoperability Testing Solutions to new and emerging networking technologies providing higher confidence when devices are brought to market. Leading the Industry in Compliance, and Interoperability Testing Solutions!

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