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LNI remains as the leader in software testing, drm, digital right management, ofa, drm solutions, ctt, automated software testing, dut, iscsi, software testing tools and infiniband solutions.

HealthLink E2E

HealthLink End to End

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HealthLink E2E modules are required components to connect personal medical device data to back-end health services. Data from as many as 11 different device types (weighing scales, glucometers and more) is transmitted over USB, Bluetooth and ZigBee to an Application Hosting Device (AHD) on a PC, cell phone or gateway device.

This data is transmitted through the WAN module into IHE PCD-01 compatible format where it can be accessed in a number of useful ways. Through the HRN module, data is translated as an HL7 CDA for eHRs or other health services.


LNI (Lamprey Networks, Inc.) Provides Industry Leading Automated Software Testing Tools

iWARP is a standard which allows remote direct memory access (RDMA) technology to work over Ethernet.

This technology avoids CPU intensive buffer operations allowing for higher speed memory to memory data transfer. LNI is a founding member of the iWARP consortium.

LNI recognizes many forms of the same basic premise of software testing. These include automated software testing, software testing tools, dynamic software testing, software product testing and software testing suites.MORE

InfiniBand™ is a high speed, point-to-point serial link. It is designed for high performance I/O nodes such as storage devices for banks and website companies.

The signaling rate of an IB cable is 2.5 gigabits per second. LNI has worked with InfiniBand™ since its inception. [MORE].

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LNI remains at the forefront of Infiniband, including RDMA Infiniband, infiniband cable and infiniband network architecture.MORE