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LNI remains as the leader in automated software testing and infiniband solutions.


LNI’s automated RDMA traffic generator

As a software tool, XANStorm uses your device to drive and measure RDMA traffic between nodes.


  • Automatically discover RDMA devices on a subnet
  • Allows user to create and run up to 128 RDMA streams
  • Generate RDMA traffic between any devices in the cluster
  • Create automated interoperability and regression scripts
  • Enterprise capabilities for quickly creating complex test
    patterns including: full-mesh, star in, star out, and ring commands. 
  • Traffic shaping capabilities to Configure RDMA streams of READ,

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LNI remains as the leader in software testing, drm, digital right management, ofa, drm solutions, ctt, automated software testing, dut, iscsi, software testing tools and infiniband solutions.

LNI offers dynamic software testing and iscsi test tools.LNI offers Compliance and Interoperability Testing Solutions to new and emerging networking technologies providing higher confidence when devices are brought to market. Leading the Industry in Compliance, RDMA, traffic shaping, computer cluster, test tool and Interoperability Testing Solutions!