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The original RamanProbe (TM) laboratory probeEfficient focussing and filtering optics are incorporated into the remarkably compact RamanProbe (4" long x 0.5" diameter), resulting in a versatile sampling tool for the laboratory. The focussed design makes it ideal for analysis through glass and plastic, as well as for measurement of neat solids and surfaces. The standard 5 m cable is integrated directly into the probe; longer fibers and cable extensions are available as options.

The RamanProbe is available for select excitation wavelengths in the visible and near-IR. The patented design (US 5,112,127) completely filters Rayleigh scattering with an attenuation of 108. The probe also eliminates background signals arising in the fiber optic cables for optimum data quality even over 500 feet of fiber. The high Rayleigh attenuation also negates the need for additional filtering in the spectrograph. In effect, our Raman probe can be coupled to any spectrograph, detector, and laser to create a complete Raman system.

Don't accept inferior imitations! Only the InPhotonics' RamanProbe offers complete optical filtering, sharp cut on prior to 250 cm-1, compact size with colinear fibers, and a choice of fiber sizes to match any laser/spectrograph combination. We also offer technical and applications support for the life of the product -- ask us for references!

See a recent performance comparison of the RamanProbe and another commercial probe.

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Technical Note #13: Background Filtering in Raman Fiber Optic Sampling Probes
RamanProbe Specification Sheet

Features and Specifications

Sampling Head Stainless-steel, cylindrical probe head, 0.5" in diameter (12.7 mm) x 4" length (76 mm), with integrated fiber optics
Spectral Range 250 - 3900 cm-1 (Stokes)*
Excitation Wavelengths 488, 514, 532, 632, 670, 785, 830, 976 nm, others available upon request
Working Distance 5 mm (std.), up to 10 mm (opt.)
Fiber Configuration

Permanently-aligned combination of two single fibers (105 µm excitation fiber, 200 µm collection fiber standard) with filtering and steering micro-optics, N.A. 0.22, in rugged polyurethanejacket.

Options: Fiber sizes ranging from 50 µm to 500 µm. Stainless-steel fiber jacket. "Side-viewing" model with optical output perpendicular to cylindrical body.

Filter Efficiency Patented design for complete filtering of the laser line and quartz spectral contributions from both input and output fibers (O.D. > 8 at laser wavelength)
Physical Resistance

Extremely durable sampling head and fiber cable, resistant to physical shock, can be heated to 80ºC.

Option: High-temperature version resistant to 200ºC

Cable Length 5 m std. (Option: up to 200 m)
Safety Features Emission indicator (std.), Class I sample holders available
Coupling System Available with FC (std.) or SMA 905 connectors
Retail Price $ 4,950.00 USD

*Ultimate spectral range will depend upon spectrograph and detector.
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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