Compact Sample Holder

Three cylindrical vial sizes and a quartz cuvet can be accommodatedTurning the sample holder on its end enables the measurement of neat solidsRaman measurement of routine samples is easy and safe with InPhotonics' compact sample holder. A spring-loaded cap prevents unnecessary exposure to laser radiation and blocks stray light from contributing to the spectrum. The sample holder is supplied with four inserts for three sizes of vials and a 1-cm pathlength cuvette. The complete holder can also be turned upright for the measurement of neat solids and films in small sampling cups.

The probe focus can be optimized and locked down with a simple thumbscrew. Designed for a RamanProbe with a 5 or 10 mm working distance, the sample holder can also be used with the RamanProbe II (without immersion sleeve).

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Large Sample Compartment

This sample chamber can house very large bottlesClass I sampling of multi-size containers is easily achieved by using the RamanProbe in conjunction with a large sample compartment. A mechanical shutter blocks all laser radiation when the cover is opened, preventing unnecessary exposure to the user. A standard RamanProbe with 10 mm working distance is installed quickly into the compartment for dedicated measurements. Shelves inside the unit can be configured at different heights for the measurement of short and tall bottles.

Extension and Jumper Cables

All RamanProbe models can be extended in length with cost-effective extension cables incorporating two single fibers. The cables are available up to 100 m lengths with a choice of polyurethane, steel monocoil, or PVC-monocoil outer jacketing. Couplers to join the probe cables are included. To couple cables/probes with different connectors (for example, FC to SMA), short jumper cables are also available.

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