Latest Performance Tests

We recently conducted a head to head test of our RamanProbeTM laboratory probe with another commercial probe. The tests were performed by measuring samples on the same Raman spectrometer (laser, spectrograph and detector) under identical conditions.

Shown at left is a spectrum of isopropanol measured with the two probes. Note that (a) the Raman bands from the sample are 4x more intense with the RamanProbe. This shows the superior collection efficiency of our optics, resulting in higher sensitivity for our end users. On the other hand, note how the Rayeigh (or laser) line is very weak with the RamanProbe (b). This demonstrates the high degree of optical filtering in our patented probe design, improving baselines in the low frequency region and avoiding detector saturation. Generation of interfering silica background in the return fiber is also negligible when Rayleigh filtering is properly accomplished.

Our customers echo these test results -- the RamanProbe is the still the best third-party Raman fiber optic probe on the market!


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