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Material Handling

Overview of Systems

Retractable Ball Transfers (BT's) make handling products easy.

The load is slid onto the Ball Transfer Zone when the balls are in the UP position. The natural rolling motion of the ball facilitates placement, positioning, and loading and unloading. When the balls are Retracted, the load contacts the RBT surface and is held fast by friction. This selective ease of handling a load and locking a load are unique to RT systems. RBT's enhance workbenches.

Common RBT Designations


Half (HC) & Full (FC)
Standard Density (SD), 6" x 6" Ball Pattern
High Density (HD), 3" x 6" Ball Pattern


RT Stations:
Model RT
Stations are in fixed locations, usually near workstations or conveyors.
Inline RBT Stations:
"Drop In" RBT (DIRBT) - fitted to your existing conveyors.
Portable Scissor Lifts:
Model PSL
Mobile RBT units are ideal for building assemblies in place and moving to subsequent processing stages. Eliminate lifting strains.
Portable Hydraulic Scissor Lifts
Enhances the portability of Mobile RBT units. Can handle heavy loads easily.
Mobile RBT Carts
Put Two Great Products Together to Achieve the Greatest Ergonomic Concept - NO More Lifting, Easy Handling.
Flow Racking
Point of use storage. Lean Manufacturing.


Belt Conveyor Workstation
Production line assembly practices are met handsomely by our Model BC Workstations. Use for applications involving sequential or progressive operations.