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How To Configure A Workbench

1. Select a base Model.


Model HD, 60 in. length x 30 in. width x 30 in. high, Plastic Laminate, Beige

  • The Prefix designates the Model: HD603030PL-H11
  • The first two numbers are the length in inches: HD603030PL-H11
  • The second two numbers are the width in inches: HD603030PL-H11
  • The last two numbers are the height in inches: HD603030PL-H11
  • The worksurface is the suffix: HD603030PL-H11
    (PL, Plastic Laminate; ESD, ESD Laminate; SM=Solid Maple)
  • The color choice follows the hyphen: HD603030PL-H11
2. Next, select optional accessories.

Example 1:

Accessory #UR60-H11:
Uprights, UR, Height 60 inches, Beige

Example 2:

Accessory #BH60-H11:
Bin Holder, BH, Length 60 inches, Beige

Example 3:

Accessory #FR60-H11:
Foot Rest, FR, Length 60 inches, Beige

Example 4:

Accessory #OLF60-H11:
Overhead Light Fixture, OLF, Length 60 inches, Beige

Example 5:

Accessory #CSPL1260PL-H11:
Shelf, CSPL, Size 12 inches x  60 inches, Beige

Example 6:

Accessory #HDLE-6-H11:
Leg Extenders, HDLE, Height 6 inches, Beige