Engineering, Design, and Testing

  • Cost Effective
    You can be certain that your product will receive ultimate protection with Horn Packaging. The designs of Horn's experienced packaging staff will suit your product's individual needs. With Horn's original designs, your products will be protected by cost effective packaging that will reduce damage claims and save your company money.

  • Attention to Detail
    Horn's engineers create situations that simulate actual shipping conditions, making it possible to evaluate design considerations before production begins. Under their guidance, problems are anticipated before the production stage, and in-house samples are designed to meet your packaging needs.
  • Packaging and Testing Lab
    Horn Packaging maintains its own ISTA-approved and DOT-UN testing lab. Fully equipped with shock, compression, drop, cobb, mullen, hydro-static pressure and vibration testing equipment, as well as environmental conditioning. We offer 3 axis acceleration monitoring with printout, and video tape documentation with a written report.

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