CAD Capability and Automated Sample Making

CAD and Table
Horn maintains CAD capabilities with AutoCAD, Cadkey and Artio Laserpoint software. This gives Horn the flexibility to work with a variety of different types of files. In conjunction with Laserpoint software, Horn also has a state-of-the-art computerized sample making table. The table is capable of producing samples up to 75" x 115" in corrugated tests from 125# to 500#.

Approximate Fragility - Variety of Products


inertial guidance equipment
precision test instruments

under25 Gs

electronic equipment
precision test equipment

25-40 Gs

computer components
cathode ray tubes
television cameras

40-60 Gs
Moderately Fragile

aircraft accessories
solid state electronics

60-85 Gs

large appliances
printed circuit boards

85-100 Gs
Very Rugged

small appliances

100 Gs and up

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