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Our ergonomic engineering consulting services are directed toward resolving your workplace, product, and litigation needs by assessing, interpreting, and applying the biomechanical and physiological demands of work and product use.




We have experience in a wide range of work environments; assessing, setting up programs, and conducting specific projects for:

We have helped design and evaluate a wide range of industrial and consumer products. A few include:

We have worked with counsel to assist in satisfying case objectives related to:

  • Commercial kitchen staff
  • Printing machine operators
  • Utility linemen and splicers
    Office, computer users
  • Parcel loaders
  • Rail freight and commuter operating, mechanical, and maintenance-of-way crews
  • Automotive assembly line associates
  • Power generation mechanics
  • Viscous china bowl/tub workers
  • Commercial roofers and sheet-metal laborers
  • Plastics machine operators/ loaders
  • Dental lab technicians
  • Pavement breakers
  • Pneumatic impact wrench: 1-inch
  • Office seats
  • Wearable barcode scanners
  • Commercial truck seats
  • Medical cushions
  • Consumer hammer
  • Household iron
  • Pneumatic assembly tools
  • Risk factor exposure for operating and mechanical rail workers and crews
  • Relative risk of using heavy duty pneumatic tool

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