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What we believe
At Ergonomics Outreach™ we believe that the field of applied ergonomics is an integral component of successful business operations. Sound ergonomic design concepts and principles ultimately affect the bottom line of products, services, operations, and companies. These concepts and principles can either be incorporated in business operations, or ignored - a decision that will be made by you as well as your competition.

What we provide
Ergonomics Outreach™ provides superior ergonomics consulting services to address various workplace initiatives and environments, user-centered product design and evaluation, and related litigation support (e.g., expert witness) to assist industry establish efficient productive safe workplaces and bring superior designed products to market. We concentrate on assessing, interpreting, and applying the biomechanical and physiological demands and factors at work and during product use to benefit our clients. We do this by employing sound methods and techniques, backed by published research and experience, ranging from qualitative or subjective perceptions to quantitative biofeedback.

The capacity in which we provide our ergonomic engineering services can range from pure facilitation; to actively working in concert with your operations, engineering, safety, or industrial design team; to acting as the sole investigator. We integrate our resources, expertise, and real-world experience to provide results-oriented services and practical solutions.


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