Steak Buffet At The Outback Steakhouse - October 13, 2007

The Outback Steakhouse fundraising lunch for the East Coast Jazz was a great success. The restaurant served their specialty, steak, as well as chicken, vegetables, salad, beverages and dessert. The entire ticket proceeds went to benefit the East Coast Jazz.

More than 60 people showed up to sit together with friends, enjoy a delicious meal and help the Jazz raise a bundle toward the 2008 season.

Many thanks to josh Momms and his employer, The Polaroid Company, for the contributiion of two digital cameras and two instant cameras that were used as prizes at the event.

Also, many thanks to restaurant owner Ed Waldron and his asssitant Nicole who served us well. It was a fine example of the commitment of the Outback to community service and young people in particular.





The East Coast Jazz Will Travel In Style In 2008.

Returning members of the East Coast Jazz remember those bumpy rides on some really old motor coaches. And management staff remember the mad scramble to find enough properly licensed drivers at the last minute to drive those coaches on tour. Well those days are gone. The new East Coast Jazz will travel in style. In the future the corps will be chartering new motor coaches driven by professional drivers who will always know the way. No more riding in a hot bus because the A/C broke down again. No more worries about drivers backing out at the last minute. We've finally seen the light and we are searching for good charter rates for the entire 2008 tour. We'll be on the road again!



Division II/III Now "Open Class"

Drum Corps International has approved a request of the formerly named Division II/III AdvisoryBoard to rename the Division to "Open Class".

"We are confident that the net result of this will be far more than just a name change. This is a first major step toward a renewal of the largest collection of corps in DCI" said Charlie Groh of Impulse.

Under the new structure there will be no artificial limits on corps memberships requiring each corps to fit into a specific divsion. It will be up to each corps' management to determine the goals of their corps and how they want to achieve them.

According to Vicki Schaffe, Chairperson of Advisory Committe and Director of The Colt Cadets, "This takes away any preconceptions that Division III corps are somehow less than Division III corps. A student does not need to feel more apt to want to join a Division II corps over a Division III corps because they can now join an Open Class corps without feeling they are members of a lesser division".

The creation of a single Open Class was welcome news to Tom Chopelas, Director of The East Coast Jazz. "I long supported this concept whenever it was bought up at division meetings and while I was a member of the Advisory Board", he said, "It will strengthen the activity of the organization".




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