Cosmetics & Chemicals

Cosmetics & Personal Care

The manufacture of cosmetics includes a range of mixing processes from simple blending of colors or fragrances to the creation of extremely fine emulsions in creams and lotions.


If your mixing challenges are within the Cosmetic and Personal Care industries, we have your solution. Our mixing expertise combined with our understanding of commonly used ingredients allow us to offer solutions for improved production with more effective mixing, reduced horsepower and optimized capital costs.



If you’re involved with chemical processing, chances are you’re facing complex challenges. You may need to produce emulsions with small, uniformed droplet size for increased shelf-life, stability and quality or disperse ceramics, or de-agglomerate powders into primary particles and eliminate fish-eyes of hydrocolloids and thickeners for more uniform products. No matter what your challenge we have your solution.


Find answers to your specific questions by using the links on this page. And if what you’re looking for isn’t here, please call us at 800.466.2369 and let one of our engineers help you on your way to higher yields and improved processing.



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