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Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award

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Mary Ann Kitrosser, Past President; William Perciballi, Recipient; Drucilla Daigle, President

Each year the INDEPENDENT UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION at LOWELL presents awards in order to acknowledge the contributions made by its alumni. Nominees for these awards are individuals who 1) are graduates of the University of Massachusetts Lowell or one of its predecessors; 2) have made a significant contribution or achievement in their field of knowledge or endeavor or whose service to the Association and/or the University or its predecessor over the years has been outstanding and worthy of recognition; 3) are noted for their exemplary service to the public.

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Distinguished Alumni Award, 2011

Since 1978, the Alumni Association has annually recognized an alumnus/a worthy of receiving our Distinguished Alumni Award. This year, the Independent University Alumni Association at Lowell takes great pleasure in recognizing our thirty-fifth Distinguished Alumnus, Mr. William J. Perciballi.

William Perciballi was born in Lowell Massachusetts and grew up in Chelmford, MA, attended public schools and graduated from Chelmsford High School as a National Honor Society member. William followed his fathers footsteps pursuing a civilian engineering and military career and when in high school enlisted in the Massachusetts Army National Guard.

William graduated from the University of Lowell in 1986 earning a bachelor's degree in Industrial Technology. Immediately after graduation he served on full-time active duty as an Army Officer to fulfill his military obligation.

William returned to Massachusetts in 1987 to start his civilian career in engineering. His first engineering position was a Mechanical Engineer at the U.S. Army Materials Technology Laboratory in Watertown, Massachusetts. He worked in research and applied development of materials used for armor and protective applications. William conducted basic materials properties research on metals. ceramics, and composite materials for use in structural and ballistic applications where he recognized early on that these materials were the future of this industry.

In 1992 William decided to leave government service, accepted a position as the first Manager of Armor Programs at Simula Inc. and established Arizona based armor and safety equipment company. He moved to Arizona and started his career in defense contracting and management where he gained private industry business experience in a small business environment. William soon recognized that he was drawn to the small business environment and in 1996 founded ArmorWorks. Inc. to combine his materials, business and engineering experience to the development of advanced armor systems that provide protection much lighter weights than had previously existed.

ArmorWorks is a growing innovation and technology driven company that presently employs between 350-400 people in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. From its founding, William has been and continues as ArmorWorks President and Chief Executive Officer. ArmorWorks products are used by the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard and Homeland Security departments as well as many foreign military services in all regions of the world. ArmorWorks products are designed and manufactured in the USA and provide a technological advantage to our commercial customers in the civilian aviation and architectural industries such as crash protection, cockpit protection and building security.

William Perciballi is an internationally published author of over 15 technical papers. He is the inventor and patent holder for over 20 Patents.

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

  • Edson D. Castro '60 - 1978
  • Madeline Phillips Merritt '40 - 1978
  • Stella M. Mazur '35 - 1979
  • Joseph P. Flannery '53 - 1980
  • Arnold J. Lovering '61 - 1981
  • Walter Dawson '59 - 1982
  • Barry M. Burbank '72 - 1984
  • Paul J. Sheehy '58 - 1985
  • Ernest P. James '42 - 1986
  • Roger M. Boisjoly '60 - 1987
  • George A. Perrone '64 -1988
  • Mary A. Hallaren '27 - 1989
  • Ludwig Rebenfeld '51 - 1990
  • David Pernick '41 -1991
  • Cahrles J. Hoff '66 - 1992
  • Martin T. Meehan '78 - 1993
  • Roy J. Zuckerberg '58 -1994
  • John T. O'Donnell 52' - 1995
  • Henry J. Powell '55 - 1996
  • Mary E. McGauvran 39' - 1997
  • Clementine F. Alexis 56' - 1998
  • Richard R. Lessard '66 - 1999
  • Thomas Vaughn 77' - 2000
  • Albert B. Harvey '60 - 2001
  • Alice Kiernan '42 - 2002
  • Frederick O'bear '56-2003
  • Frank M. Spinola '66 - 2004
  • Michael T. McCaffrey '73 - 2005
  • Donald A. McQuarrie '58 - 2006
  • Carole Harper McQuarrie '59 - 2006
  • Robert S. Smith '61 - 2007
  • James L. Swartz '65 - 2008
  • Jeanne C. Whitten '97 - 2009
  • John E. Quinn '69 - 2010
  • William Perciballi '86 - 2011

Past Distinguished Alumni Announcements

2010 - John E. Quinn
2009 - Dr. Jeanne Whitten
2008 - Dr. James L. Swartz
2007 - Dr. Robert S. Smith

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