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If you haven't heard about the LEED Green Building Rating System, stay tuned. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a set of specs for new construction existing buildings, and commercial interiors. Buildings that are built to LEED specifications are more energy-efficient and healthier for the people who live, work, and play in them.



Drywall Trim Products

You'll find trim products here that offer durability and elegance while saving time and frustration.


Trim-Tex has been designing and manufacturing vinyl beads since 1970, using at least 70% recycled plastic all along. Trim-Tex beads can add affordable beauty to any building project.

Our Trim-Tex products include corner beads, splayed beads, bullnose archway beads, tear away beads, J beads, and L beads.

Levelline Drywall Corner Trim

Levelline's efficient design makes it faster and easier to use than flat flex. It's applied straight from its specially designed box. There's no need to pre-measure or pre-crease. And it requires less mud than its competitors. It has an indestructible plastic core, a memory-free hinge that adjusts to any angle, and formulated surface paper that's ready for paint or other finishes.

Applications include inside and outside corners, off-angles, tray ceilings, and bay windows.


Like Levelline, ULTRAFLEX 325 and 450 require far less mud than competing products. Both have a wide flange to cover gaps and a flexible hinge. ULTRAFLEX is ideal for inside and outside corners, off-angles, columns, and soffits. It's made of tapered co-polymer core, joint tape, and formulated surface paper, giving it the durability and flexibility to last without cracking, chipping, or peeling.

ULTRAFLEX 450 is 4.5" wide and 100' long. It's used for long runs of over 10', such as long columns, inside and outside corners of any length, and cathedral, vault, and tray ceilings.

ULTRAFLEX 325 should be used for runs of 10' or less and works well with bay windows, 90-degree inside and outside corners, and vertical off-angle applications.

Fry Reglet Wall Reveal

We can special order Wall Reveal by Fry Reglet. Please note that we need a four-week lead time for this product.

Contact us at the location closest to you, or send an email to info@wallboard.com.

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