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The PhoneRider ISA intelligent terminal provides leading edge voice and call processing features and is offered with drivers for Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, and NT 2000. The board is fully compliant with Microsoft's TAPI standard, which allows for integration with Windows operating systems and applications. MediaPhonics' customers will be able to easily integrate PhoneRider with Microsoft applications such as Outlook® without further software development.

In addition to standard unattended features usually found in telephony hardware that support auto attendant, voice mail and interactive voice response applications, PhoneRider offers user-controllable attended features. These features include superior headset and handset management and adaptive echo cancellation, and full duplex play and record - features required for control of Internet calls in the call center environment. PhoneRider is a superior conferencing instrument and an ideal fit in many logging applications such as order confirmation or market research. PhoneRider also provides application integration with unified messaging the desktop. The telephone becomes a peripheral to the PC, it can transmit voice via IP over the computer's modem during an H.323 call, or via PSTN via the traditional telephone line.

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